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Probes aka Ground Loops

Our European sourced Probes are manufactured from Virgin Grade Black PE100 High Performance Polyethylene.  The pipe is manufactured according to EN 12201:2003 with the Probe Tip and finished product audited and certified by and according to the guideline by SK-Z Würzburg HR 3.26 and complies with the VDI 4640 & VBS 2011 guidelines.

All Probes are marked with the length stamps each meter, PN and SDR stamps, manufacturer name, and batch certificate with each individual Probe.

Rehau Probe - From Go Geothermal Ltd

Go Geothermal probes are designed to operate at a minimum of 25 years service life and as such the entire probe is accredited NOT just the pipe but the probe weld and foot.

Our probes are sourced from 30 year plus established multinational brands that specialise in Ground Source ensuring the assurances can be relied upon & trusted.

We also offer the only probe that comes with a CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS Guarantee for ultimate client peace of mind (see PE-Xa section below).


  • PE100-RC stands for Polyethylene Resistant to Crack
  • The major benefit of PE100-RC probes is the increased point load resistance over PE 100
  • Point loads are a potential problem as the probe does not sink in a straight line
  • PE100-RC lasts longer on ACT test than PE100 (Accelerated creep test which is an artificial pipe ageing method)
  • Many European countries have switched from PE100 to PE100-RC as their ground source pipework of choice
  • The UK GSHPA has already included PE100-RC as a pipe material in their Vertical Borehole Standards
  • All our PE100-RC Probes have SKZ certification (independent test house)
  • Our Probes are 3rd party accredited
probe - From GoGeothermal Ltd

Rehau Probes

All PE-RC and PE100 Probes come complete with SKZ certification on every probe.

The probe tip includes vertical ribbing and is arrowed for a safer installation. This ribbing provides more secure mechanical protection for the welded probe tip.

rehau probes

Nominal Size O/D (mm)
SDR Rating
Maximum Operating Pressure
Wall Thickness (mm)
Approx Weight (kg/m)
Maximum Probe Width (mm)
Lengths Available
16 bar
50m – 150m
16 bar
50m – 300m

Go Geothermal stock PE100-RC Probes which give superior crack resistance (5x) versus PE100 Probes giving peace of mind a huge technical benefit to the customer. 


New: Generation II PE-Xa probe

- Has a roughened outer surface giving improved contact between Probe and Grount / backfill material

- 32mm Probe (91mm Probe Tip Diameter) 40mm probe (100mm Probe Tip Diameter)

The Rehau PE-Xa probes, where only the ultimate solution will suffice.  Extremely tough and able to handle temperatures up to 95°C (perfect for excess heat storage such as solar - increasingly required feature of new builds).

Such is the strength and durability of the PE-Xa probes we are able to offer a £10,000 consequential loss per PE-Xa probe installed. Contact us for more details.

Advantages of the Raugeo PE-Xa Probe: 

  • PE-Xa material is not sensitive to notches and grooves
  • Simple insertion even into the tightest boreholes
  • Constant operating temperatures -40°C to 95°C
  • Stable up to temperatures of 95°C, thus the RAUGEO PE-Xa probe can be used for heat storage purposes
  • Extremely tight bending radii
  • Can be connected by Electrofusion fittings or by means of REHAU Everloc joint system.
  • Domestic or Commercial – Heating / Cooling or Ground Energy Storage
  • Crack growth at FNCT (full notch creep test) - NO FAILURE
  • Available in Probe lengths up to a staggering 800m
  • £10,000 consequential loss cover per probe


Pilot Weights for Probes:

We stock 15Kg and 40Kg Pilot Weights for our probes.  The 15Kg Weights can be daisy chained to create 30kg Weights if required. pilot weight - From GoGeothermal Ltd


50 - 200m lengths are normally available from stock. Other lengths available by special order with typical delivery time of 5 working days.

Loop Feeder

Hydraulic loop feeder to assist with the safe and controlled installation of 40mm borehole probes (32mm made to order).  Comes with the following benefits:

  • ground loop feeder - From GoGeothermal LtdAllows the safe installation without operatives standing on the drilling rig or other platforms on site (working at height).
  • Saves labour by reducing the need for additional operatives at the time of loop installation.
  • Allows additional controlled pressure to be applied to probes when inserting into boreholes with a drilling fluid.
  • Variable speed allows controlled insertion of probes where the weight of the probe wants to fall into an open borehole reducing probe tip damage.
  • Can assist with the removal of a probe where the borehole collapsed at depth and the borehole will require re-drilling.
  • Can also install and remove grout lines when using a liquid grout to backfill boreholes.
  • Compatible with most geothermal drilling rigs.
  • Designed for drillers by drillers.
  • Saves money.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Hard wearing.
  • More efficient than traditional hand pushing installation technique.

Spinning Jeni / Pipe Decoiler

spinning jeni pipe decoiler - From GoGeothermal LtdSpecifically designed for the geothermal installer by experienced installers - used in the field for nearly 2 years before the final design was approved.

Our Spinning Jeni can accommodate most types and size of collector pipe (i.e. Geothermal Probes/Loops and Horizontal Collector Pipes)

The adjustable frame enables the installer to easily dispense and recoil if necessary.  Assembly takes approximately 5 minutes and will fit easily into a small van when being transported (when dissembled).

The advantages of our Decoiler are:Spinning Jeni / Decoiler

  • Made from Steel - Gives superior strength
  • Controlled dispensing of the pipe (reduced likelihood of kinking)
  • Galvanised for long life
  • Adjustable to be versatile
  • Easy to assemble / transport

Radial Drilling

radial drilling - From GoGeothermal LtdRadial drilling offers the client wishing to exploit solar energy stored in the ground but doesn’t have enough space to utilise Probes or Horizontal Ground Loops.

The benefits of Stable ground temperatures are well known but often lack of land prevents the adoption of ground Source.

Radial drilling uses a centralised chamber with a minimum site footprint sending probes out diagonally 30-65deg typically thus avoiding space restrictions.

Speak to us for further details on this specialist technology including our Rehau Coaxial Probes.   

RAUGEO Energy Piles

Energy piles provide a cost-effective alternative to probes if the building is already including foundation piles as no extra drilling needs to be carried out.  Piles are typically between 10-20m deep, depending on site conditions. Ground-source pipework can simply be integrated into the pile with cable ties.

raugeo energy piles - From GoGeothermal Ltd

PE-Xa is ideal for energy piles as the tight bending radius of PE-Xa removes the need for joints in the pile, therefore eliminating any potential leakages.

For our Ground Source Collector Pipe please click here.

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