FLUX Probes by HakaGerodur

FLUX Probes

The new pressure-resistant GEROtherm® FLUX geothermal probe is now available for drilling depths of up to 410 metres for difficult geological conditions and deep boreholes. The new GEROtherm® FLUX geothermal probe provides many benefits compared to the solutions available to date:

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· The pressure loss in operation compared to a PN20 geothermal probe is signifcantly reduced.
· Greater safety thanks to internal pressure resistance up to a depth of 32 bar.
· Improved buckling pressure resistance offers benefits when using heavier or more conductive grouting material.

The GEROtherm® FLUX geothermal probe is a full-plastic solution, and is thus corrosion-resistant with a service life of over 50 years in compliance with SIA 384/6. The special construction means that the pipes have an internal pressure resistance of up to 32 bar, and the geothermal probe can therefore be used even in difficult geological conditions.

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The optimised probe pipe significantly reduces hydraulic pressure drop and minimises the energy consumption of the circulation pump, thereby allowing considerable cost-savings over the lifetime of the system. The GEROtherm® FLUX geothermal probe offers the lowest hydraulic pressure loss from a depth of 200 to 320 metres. The new development enables energy to be saved, while at the same time allowing efficient exploitation of greater depths. This also increases the safety and durability of the geothermal probe.