March 2018 - Welcome Tom Kerry!

This week, we welcome Tom Kerry to our commercial office, to add to our internal sales team! He's looking forward to speaking with you in the coming weeks.

New additions to our ever-growing community are always welcome, and we're eager to see how Tom will contribute to our team and partners during his service.

Tom can be reached by calling our head office number (01388 720228), so give us a call and give him a warm welcome!




November 2017 - Welcome Tris Carter!

Welcome to the team Tris Carter, our new Area Sales Manager for the south! Best wishes to Tris in his exciting new position!

We're very happy to see Tris join the team, and we're excited to see what he has to offer to our partners and our ever-growing business.

Tris can be reached on 07804 515916, so please call him to catch up or expect a call in the near future!



January 2017 - Welcome Mark Pearson

In keeping with our core ethos that the best people and products make the difference in all successful distribution businesses, we're very happy to see Mark Pearson join the team this week.

Covering the North of England predominantly but not exclusively he will start to build on our success of recent years, albeit modest in the underfloor business.

Having worked for Rehau, UFW and Multipipe previously Mark brings some very useful complementary skills to Go Geothermal.

Already cemented as the key supplier in domestic ground and air source for the last 10 years, we continue to extend our offering into the building envelope and Mark will help achieve this goal.

Mark can be reached on 07535 520513, so please call him to catch up or expect a call in the near future!


Worksop Hockey Club Sponsorship

Go Geothermal Ltd are pleased to be sponsoring Worksop Hockey Club, local to our Midlands office. Promoting the growth of field hockey in Nottinghamshire from ages 9 through to Veteran!

Click here for more information.


National ACR & Heat Pump Awards

We are proud to announce that we are finalists in the National ACR & Heat Pumps Awards 2017, Wholesaler/Distributor category.

In our 10th year of trading it is humbling to see our vision and commitment to renewables being rewarded with this prestigious nomination but never losing sight that this could not have been achieved without the support of you our customer… thank you!

Click here for more info.


Prima Team Racing

Go Geothermal Ltd are proud sponsors of Prima Team Racing, a new Cycle Racing Team based predominantly in the North East. 

They are an experienced group of riders who are extremely passionate about cycling. Throughout 2016 and beyond, they will be sponsoring races and promoting all that's good about cycling and racing in the North East. One of their aims is to support as many competitive cyclists as we can, by nurturing young talent and enabling people to develop their strengths.

Our very own Sean Sowden has also joined the team, all the best Sean for the season!


Tori Porter, Go Geothermal’s accountant, is taking part in the 26.2-mile Northumberland Coastal Challenge on Monday 4th May, with all money raised going to Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Her mother-in-law, Susan Hall, was just 61 when she died last year, a mere 16 weeks after cancer was diagnosed, having spread to her pancreas and liver from her stomach.

Susan had been suffering from indigestion, but there was nothing to indicate she was so ill until the cancer had done its terrible work.

Tori, 39, said: ‘Our lives will never be the same without her. She was a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend, and her death has left a hole in all of our hearts and our lives. Doing the walk will be very emotional, but my stepmum, Judith Porter, and my cocker spaniel Georgie are doing it with me, which will be a great help.

‘Judith has also been very supportive with the training. We’ve all been walking as many miles as we can, gradually building up the amount covered.

‘Pancreatic cancer is known as the silent killer and has such a low survival rate. The statistics are truly awful. Somebody is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer every hour, life expectancy is just four to six months, and there is only a four per cent survival rate, so by doing this walk I'm hoping to raise as much money and awareness of this evil disease as possible.’


Specialist green energy merchant Go Geothermal secures distribution deal with REHAU

Specialist renewable energy merchantGo GeothermalRauvitherm from Go Geothermal Ltd
has signed a distribution deal with building solutions company REHAU.
The County Durham-headquartered firm is now the
only UK merchant holding stock of REHAU’s market leading RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipe ready for next day delivery.
RAUVITHERM is an ideal solution for District and Biomass
systems, transporting hot water with minimal heat loss.
 Go Geothermal has invested heavily in a pipe decoiler for
the system which means it will be able to supply the pipe to UK customers in pre-cut lengths up to 290m.
Sean Sowden, director at Go Geothermal, said the partnership is part of an ambitious growth plan for the business.
“We are committed to providing only the best quality products and RAUVITHERM pipe is certainly a market leader, with exceptionally low heat losses. This is an exciting an innovative product and we are delighted that REHAU see Go Geothermal as a reliable and forward-thinking partner to do business with.
“Our RAUVITHERM Pre-Insulated Pipe solutions are available in both Single and Twin configurations and in sizes ranging from 25mm up to 125mm. With the decoiler on site we can cut to order and deliver the following morning to most of the UK. There is no minimum order charge and customers will also be reassured by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty.”
Go Geothermal was launched in 2006 by co-directors Sean Sowden and Tim Williams, specialising in the sale and distribution of heat pump, biomass and underfloor heating equipment. The business employs 7 people with offices in County Durham and North Nottinghamshire and a nationwide installer customer base.
Sean said: “We have enjoyed a strong performance over the summer with July a record month for sales, no doubt helped by the Government’s domestic RHI tariff announcement. This is encouraging more consumers and installers to look to renewable energy as an attractive option for heating and hot water.
“At Go Geothermal we are more than just a merchant – we provide advice and guidance on choosing the right equipment for each bespoke project. No one installation is the same so we offer expertise on choosing the best product; our installer customers really value our support and understand that our knowledge can help to optimise their green energy systems.”
For more information on Go Geothermal visit or call 01388 720228.



An increasing number of drilling contractors are successfully exploiting the technical benefits now available from offering PE100-RC probes and pipework rather than traditional PE100 in their ground source installations.

Sean Sowden of Go Geothermal, the UK’s leading independent geothermal pipe and material supplier, says that it has seen demand for the new generation of ground source probes and pipework increase considerably since it was included as an acceptable pipe material in the GSHPA’s Vertical Borehole Standards, published in September 2011.

He says:  “PE100-RC gives contractors an important differentiator in a competitive market and offers real technical and commercial advantages for both probes and collector pipes.”

PE100-RC stands for Polyethylene Resistant to Crack and it is defined as an advanced non-cross linked polyethylene, characterised by longer lateral chains than those found in standard PE100.

What this means is that PE100-RC has the same properties as PE100 in terms of temperature resistance and the requirement for welded connections but crucially it offers better mechanical properties with increased resistance to both stress cracking and point loads.

The PE100-RC pipework supplied by Go Geothermal is RAUGEO PE100-RC, developed by the polymer specialists REHAU and already used extensively in many parts of mainland Europe where PE100-RC is the ground source probe and pipework of choice. 

With many European heat pump manufacturers now specifying only PE100-RC for use with their heat pumps, Go Geothermal predicts that the market for the pipework is set to expand even further.

The major benefit of PE100-RC for probes is the increased point load resistance over PE100.  When a probe is inserted into a borehole, it does not always sit straight but instead rests against the borehole wall.  If there are any “sharps” the pipe will expand and contract against this sharp and, over time, this ‘point load’ could eventually cause pipe failure in PE100 probes.

In both Notch Tests and Full Notch Creep Tests (FNC) measuring stress cracking and point loads for both types of pipework, PE-RC has been shown to outperform PE100.  For example, PE100 achieves >1,000 hours in the Notch test and >2,000 in the FNC test, whereas PE-RC achieves >5,000 hours in both.

Both REHAU and Go Geothermal have also proved that the increased mechanical properties of PE100-RC pipe mean that it can be used in horizontal installations without the requirement of a sand bed. This saves a significant amount in installation time and material costs (sand). 

In many instances, it actually works out more competitive to use PE100-RC pipe for horizontal collectors as the additional cost of the pipe is more than offset by the savings on the overall installed cost.

PE100-RC pipework is also used on the REHAU RAUGEO coaxial probe used for Geothermal Radial Drilling (GRD), providing optimum probe strength when the coaxial probe is inserted into the borehole and can easily be connected into the REHAU manifold chamber range via Electrofusion fittings.

Further details are available by calling 01388 720228.