Not all MVHR is the Same

Not all MVHR is the Same

Go Geothermal are always looking at ways to make our housing stock more energy efficient, reduce the need for fossil fuels and improve air quality. 

Alongside our supply partner Stiebel Eltron we now offer Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery Systems (MVHR).

With a considerable push for the UK to improve on housebuilding efficiencies new developments are under increasing scrutiny to achieve high ratings in the EU’s ErP energy standards. Integrating ventilation units with heat recovery and heat pump systems could provide a viable route to achieving targets without sacrificing on space or usability.

UK building regulations call for one air change every two hours – this benchmark is key in the development of new ventilation and heat recovery systems. New technology means that this standard can now be attained alongside a unit design that ensures that the installation takes up as little valuable space in the home as possible, along with providing numerous benefits along the way.

Launching a new industry-leading ventilation system and developed as a space savingheat recovery solution, the LWZ ventilation unit is tailored to improve the energy efficiency of apartments, detached houses and small commercial properties, with minimal disruption.

The LWZ maximises energy efficiency by means of a unique heat exchanger, allowing for up to 90% of the thermal energy in extract air to be recovered and achieving an “A” rating in the EU ErP energy standards.

These top performing systems are listed on the SAP Product Characteristic Database allowing designers to accurately model the carbon dioxide savings associated with the unit.

Below are just some of the benefits Go Geothermal and the Stiebel Eltron LWZ System can offer:

  • Full quotation within 24 hours of receiving your plans
  • Bespoke design and specification provided for approval before supply
  • Spares stocked in the UK by Go Geothermal Ltd
  • Simple and Quick Filter Change Process
  • SAP Appendix Q Listed
  • Free Commissioning
  • High Heat recovery up to 93% Enthalpie feature allows for moisture recovery
  • Remote Control Function

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