Heat Pump Brine Charging Unit

Heat Pump Brine Charging Unit

The multi function brine charging unit is designed to reduce the installation effort on the collector side of ground source heat pump systems.
diagram for brine charing unitbrine charging unit for use in hot water pumps

Integral components:
– Plastic quick-action air vent valve, max. 6 bar.
– 4 bar pressure gauge
– Plastic 3 bar safety valve
– Brass shut-off valves without lever with end stop
– Multi function air separator
– Air collector
– Filter with approx. 1.2 mm mesh size
– Vapour diffusion-proof foam insulation
– Connection fittings and gaskets supplied
– Brass plugs supplied (for sealing the safety valve during pressure testing)

The dirt trap can be removed easily after charging the collector. This allows the overall pressure drop to be reduced significantly, whilst increasing the efficiency of the heat pump system.

This unit is suitable for heat pumps up to 16KW*

Technical data:

* Installer to check with their Heat Pump manufacturer if the kit is compatible