Infra-Red Leak Detector

Infra-Red Refrigerant Leak Detector



  • Infra-red stand alone precalibrated REFRIGERANT gas detector
  • Multi colour LED array for indication of gas concentration
  • Calibrated for specific refrigerants to ensure complete accuracy
  • Wide range of CFC, HCFC and HFC gases monitored.
  • Range 0-2000 ppm with 2x factory pre-set alarm levels
  • 12-24 v DC powered. 4-20 mA output or 2 x alarm relay versions available
  • Low maintenance, ultra stable, long life Detector with onboard auto zero facility
  • Wide Temperature range

Stand alone, single point Infra-red refrigerant detector and alarm unit ideal for small installations. Using infra-red  technology the unit is specifically designed to measure very low levels of refrigerant gas in air. It eliminates the inherent problems associated with other methods of refrigerant detection such as semi-conductor and electrochemical sensors. The sensor is immune to poisoning or cross sensitivity and is a versatile and robust instrument.

Designed as a single point, self contained unit but can be connected to a central control panel for group alarms.

The unit is used to detect the presence of Freon’s or HFC’s in plant roomswhere a leakage of refrigerant gas may occur. The GD231 includes a diffusion filter, while preventing ingress of dust and other particulates allows the atmosphere to reach the optical bench of the instrument.

The LED multi colour array shows increasing Refrigerant levels and alarm trigger points.

Integral alarm relays, with 2 distinct trigger points can be used to start extraction fans and trigger alarm beacons.

Alternatively the 4-20 mA outputs from a group of sensors could be connected to a  third party control system capable of providing indication of concentration levels and group alarms if required.

RS485, MODBUS output available for remote monitoring via an optional add on module.

It is a low maintenance sensor but has full auto zero function so requiring no calibration in the field.


Construction ABS wall mounted enclosure.
Indication 8 x LED multi colour array, with 2 x alarm indication LED’s
Ingress Protection IP43, increased ingress protection can be provided
Cable gland size M12 gland entries, glands not supplied
Weight 0.5 Kg
Overall Dimensions 100mm W x 150mm H x 50mm D
Range Typically 0-2000ppm R134a. The unit may be factory calibrated to other Refrigerants and ranges.
Outputs All versions have LED visual indication of levels
Option 1, 4-20mA source into 600 ohms.
Option 2, 2 x relay output version (C & NO contacts)
Power Operating voltage 24vDC nominal (can be supplied
from 12vDC if 4-20 mA output is not required.
Operating Current 75mA @ 24VDC
Accuracy +/- 2% fsd ( 4-20 mA version )
Response Time <10 seconds to T50, <20 seconds to T90
Temperature Range -20 Deg C to +50 Deg C
Humidity Range 0 to 99% R.H (non condensing)
Built-in Self Test Continuous
Gases R134a. R407c,R12,R11, R22, R404a plus many other refrigerant gases. please specify on order.
Non-Intrusive Adjustments Calibrated for up to 3 years, with manual auto zero
Life expectancy > 5 years
Warranty 12 Months