Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras

thermal imaging cameraWe offer a range of Thermal Imaging Cameras which are particularly helpful in identifying radiator cold spots, UFH leaks and insulation faults.

Our most popular model is the superb Testo 875-1i Thermal Imaging Camera:

A high quality Thermal Imaging Camera – now at an even more attractive price. This model meets with the minimum specification to successfully conduct thermal inspections of various HVAC applications:

  • 160×120 pixel resolution to provide quality Thermal Images
  • Wide field of view – 32° with a standard lens
  • Thermal Sensitivity of NETD <50mK to show even the smallest temperature differences
  • Manual control of scale to adjust Span and Level settings
  • Extended measuring range of -20 to +350°C.
  • Manual Fine Focus with a minimum focus distance of just 10cm.
  • A built-in digital camera leads to easier analysis and allocation of the thermal images to the measuring object
  • Built-in laser point can be shown on the measuring object for easy orientation

For more info on the 875-1i Thermal Imaging Camera please click here.