Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

The MeasureMyEnergy range of Power Distribution Monitors enables monitoring and analysis of power consumption from incoming supply right down to individual circuits in a distribution board.

Individual components can be monitored such as the heat pump(s) power consumption right down to the power being used by the Glycol Pump, Immersion(s), Heat Pump Controller, Secondary return, Solar Thermal Pumps etc.

Using a range of fixed, split and flexible current transformers the PDM (Power Distribution Monitor) provides a cost-effective way to record demand data and consumption data without the need for disruptive re-wiring or equipment replacement.

Installation time is just a few hours and can normally be completed without business disruption. The PDM utilises the local data network to stream data quickly and securely to our cloud platform without the need for local IT infrastructure, servers or desktop software.

All functions are managed remotely to ensure a quick and painless deployment by electrical contractors.

The PDM can differentiate between electrical generation and may be used to monitor multiple PV arrays and energy import and export.