Electrofusion Control Units

Electrofusion Control Units

Our British Manufactured Electrofusion Control Unit is manual or fully automatic and designed to fuse bar coded PE and PP pressure fittings in the range of 8v to 48v and pipe sizes up to 400mm. With a data log memory in excess of 2000 welds and the ability to download to a USB it has been designed with simplicity of use in mind. Its fast user interface allows fittings to be welded quickly and reliably.

Designed for universal use it does not limit the user by “brand specific fittings” (units particularly from Scandinavia are chipped to only work with a sole make of fitting) Our Electrofusion Control Unit is compatible with all leading brands of UK and European fittings offering peace of mind when sourcing electrofusion product.

The unit is built in a strong lightweight metal housing to protect it from damage and the compact design makes it easy to transport. It is fully sealed and waterproof to IP65 and is suitable for use with portable generators and is electrically protected to Class 1.

It has a simple button pad that allows quick navigation through the operating menus. Information is shown on a bright four line display that can easily be read in all lighting conditions.

An additional feature is that the lead adaptors have been designed to accept both 4.7mm UK and 4mm European pins.

It will display fault finding and calibration information from the menu options to allow errors to be quickly diagnosed. Programmable service intervals can be set to make sure the control unit remains in good working order.


Operating Modes: Manual, Bar Code
Controlled Welding Voltage: 8 to 48 Vac (39,5 Vac)
Welding Current: 1 to 50 Aac
Welding Time: 1 to 2000 seconds
Supply Voltage: 110 Vac (+/- 20%) 40 to 60 Hz / 230 Vac (+/- 20%) 40 to 60 Hz
Supply Current: 1 to 28 Aac (110v) / 1 to 14 Aac (230v)
Supply Power: 3300 W (peak)
Weight: 20 kg
Size: 22 x 26 x 45 cm
Operating Temperature: -15 C to 50 C
Environmental Protection: IP65
Electrical Protection: Class 1
Supply Cable: 4m
Welding Cable: 3m
Maximum Fitting Diameter: 250 mm


Electrofusion Tooling

  • Electrofusion Weld Wipes to clean pipe ends
  • Pipe Cutters (25mm – 63mm) to cut pipe ends square
  • Pipe Scraper – to remove oxidized layer from the pipe
  • Alignment Clamp (25mm – 63mm) to secure pipe and fittings during the welding process

Not having these basic tools may result in electrofusion joint failures.

Electrofusion Welding Guidance Video