An extensive range of fittings is available to cover all applications. These include copper adapters, male/female threaded fittings, tees and elbows.

Distribution manifolds, stainless steel radiator tails and accessories make up the package.

The superbly engineered DZR brass compression sleeve fittings are designed especially for the purpose, enabling joints to be assembled in seconds, with all fittings utilising the same method of cold jointing.

The Rehau Everloc joint has been proven in service since the 1980’s; installed all over the world, it has many advantages:

  • Leak Proof
  • Scale resistant
  • Flame free installation
  • Speed of installation.
  • Over 3/4 billion joints already installed.
  • Simple tooling makes jointing simple and lends itself to jointing in poor weather conditions.
  • No bore reduction at joint
  • Can be used on internal and external PEXA joints(versatile)
  • Typical joint time 32mm and below (23 seconds)
  • Takes advantage of the memory of PEXA pipe to enhance strength.

Available up to and including 63mm from our logistics centre.