flexoTHERM 5kW

flexoTHERM 5kW – Overview

  • Available in 5, 8, 11, 15 & 19kW
  • Can connect to three different source – ground, water or air
  • High seasonal SCoP value
  • Comes complete with VRC 700 weather compensating control
  • Integral components – built in ground and heating circulation pumps and three way diverter valve

A modern, refreshing take on the heat pump system, our new flexoTHERM with Green iQ can use three possible heat sources. The flexoTHERM can be a ground source heat pump when connected to a group loop, it can be an air source heat pump when connected to our aroCOLLECT brine air collect, or it can be a water source heat pump when connected with our flouCONNECT.

The flexoTHERM heat pump models are available in 2 categories, 230V in 5, 8 & 11kW, as well as 400V in 15 and 19kW outputs and offer state of the art EVI compressor technology giving extremely high efficiency and heating performance.

The flexoTHERM has also been awarded the Quiet Mark, issued by the Noise Abatement Society, thanks to its exceptionally low operating noise levels. It sounds no louder than a standard domestic fridge.

Features and Benefits

  • Models available: The flexoTHERM intelligent heat pump is available in two voltages with the following outputs: 230v 5, 8 & 11kW. 400v 15 and 19kW models
  • Highest ErP rating: A+++
  • Complete system solutions:All flexoTHERM models come complete with the VRC700 weather compensating system controller as standard
  • High quality and sustainability: Well engineered product of outstanding quality which is both sustainable and ready for the future
  • Easy installation: Integral components – built in ground and heating circulation pumps and three way diverter valve
  • Extended range of accessories: Water heat exchanger, passive cooling and brine filling station
  • Flexible source options: Can connect to three different sources – ground, water or air
  • High SCoP: The SCoP value for 15kW model is 35°C – 5.22 and 35°C – 4.96 for the 19kW model
  • Excellent customer service: Delivering market leading design, installation and commissioning support to meet need
  • Exceptionally quiet: With noise levels comparable to a modern fridge 42db(A)

Your customers will feel the benefits too

  • Comfort up, consumption down – The flexoTHERM with Green IQ carries the highest energy efficiency label in its class: ErP rating A++. The Green iQ operation mode also helps reduce your customer’s electricity bills.
  • On the go control – Thanks to the new VRC 700 smartphone app, your customers can control their heating comfortably from their sofa. With a service contract, an engineer can carry out remote diagnostics for quick assistance in case a fault occurs.
  • Smart on the inside – Innovative technology is built right into the flexoTHERM exclusive with Green iQ.
  • Flexibility – The flexoTHERM prodives you with flexibility in the ways it can be installed, it works with all heat sources; ground, air or water.
  • Future-proof investment – The flexoTHERM is designed with future proof technology with keeps in mind the needs of tomorrow.
  • Intelligent use of resources – The uses of resources in an intelligent way enables the environment to deliver around 75% of the required energy for free. As the portion of renewable energy present in the electricity mix increases, your system gets more eco-friendly every year.

   Product Specifications