HSBC 200 S GB launched in the UK

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Stiebel Eltron space saving integrated cylinder and buffer unit for use with heat pumps. The new HSBC combines a buffer tank for space heating and a domestic hot water tank. In addition, primary and secondary circulating pumps, electric back up, flow meter, pressure relief valves, diverter valve, and a wpm heat pump controller are all integral. The system comes as standard set up to supply a single heating circuit, an additional pipe set is available if a second mixed heating circuit is required. This makes it possible to have two separate, weather-compensated, heating circuits; for example, if you have underfloor heating downstairs running at a lower flow temperature than wet radiators upstairs.

Comes with a FREE ISG Web Interface (Internet Service Gateway) – Allows communication with your heat pump remotely via a Smartphone Web app and also allows communication with the Stiebel Eltron Customer Service Centre.


Technical data

Product Number – 236683

Nominal capacity, DHW cylinder – 168L

Nominal capacity, buffer cylinder – 100L

Dimensions – 1896 mm x 680 mm x 800 mm

Height of unit when tilted – 2035 mm

Energy efficiency class – C

Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C – 1,6 kWh

Surface, indirect coil – 3,3 m²

Rated control voltage – 230 V

Heat pump connection – 28 mm

Heating circuit connection – 22 mm

Cold water connection – 22 mm

DHW connection – 22 mm

DHW circulation connection – 12 mm

Weight – 203 kg

Product details

APPLICATION: Integral cylinder for heat pump operation for DHW heating, also for simultaneous integration into heating systems for hydraulic connection and for propulsion and separation of the heat pump/heating circuit flow. For use in detached houses.

EQUIPMENT/CONVENIENCE: DHW cylinder, enamelled steel with directly applied foam insulation, equipped with internal indirect coil and magnesium signal anode for additional corrosion protection. Buffer cylinder, steel with directly applied foam insulation. Separable cylinders arranged one above the other, with recessed grips to facilitate handling. Hydraulic connections at the top. Equipped with WPM 3 heat pump manager with a backlit symbol and plain text display, cylinder charging pump, heating circuit pump, 3/2-way diverter valve, safety valve with drain routed out of the rear of the appliance and electric emergency/booster heater. Prepared for optional extension with a heating circuit with mixer. Cylinder casing consisting of plastic jacket in pure white, permanently attached at the sides and rear, and removable front panel made of sheet metal in white with designer fascia in Eloxal silver.

EFFICIENCY: Low standby losses due to high-grade thermal insulation and an optimised cylinder capacity appropriate to the application.