Filling & Flushing Stations

Glycol Filling Station

Go Geothermal have worked closely with leading heat pump manufacturers for many years and one of the many advantages of this is awareness of common issues.  One such example is the importance of flushing units up to the task of expelling enough air and the correct equipment being instrumental in this.

One of the most common issues seen by engineers is trapped air in collector systems.  Our solution eradicates this problem.

Our solution not only complies with the MIS3005 document requirement it exceeds it. It also ensures correct mixing of heat transfer fluids another major issue with GSHP installs.

Want to fill 500m of 40mm Ground Collector Pipe with Glycol in less than 30 minutes, then give us a call.


Filling, flushing and venting large scale solar collectors, ground collectors, probes and Underfloor heating systems.


  • Dry self-priming impeller pump, working pressure max. 5 bar
  • 2 x 3 m supply and return hose 1“
  • Sturdy cart with pneumatic tyres
  • 120 litre tank
  • 90 L/min Flow Rate
  • 2 multifunction valves
  • pressure relief valve
  • Comes with a 240V UK 3 Pin Plug