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Kilfrost SF20

Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution


Kilfrost SF20 is a stabilised, fast acting, sanitiser and biocide solution, especially formulated for use with Ground Source Heat Pump Systems.

It can be used during pre-commission cleaning of pipework in heating and chilled water systems (as instructed in building regulations BSRIA BG 29/2012 and Building Regs Part L) or to clean and sanitise pre-installed systems already contaminated with biological fouling.

The active ingredient in SF20 is a fast acting oxidising biocide which decomposes to environmentally benign substances. These active ingredients are effective against a wide range of microorganisms including legionella bacteria.

  • Suitable for pre-commissioning chemical cleaning
  • Suitable for clean in place (CIP) applications
  • Stabilised fast acting oxidising sanitiser and biocide agent
  • Effective against a wide range of microorganisms including Legionella
  • Fully biodegradable decomposing into environmentally benign substances

User Guidelines

Kilfrost recommends a 2 steps chemical cleaning and sanitising protocol:

1. CLEANSING: Kilfrost SF10 Cleaning Fluid or SF11 Cleaning and De-scaling fluid is circulated and flushed to lift soil and physical debris or scale.  ONLY REQUIRED WHEN CLEANING AN EXISTING SYSTEM

2. SANITISING: After flushing the cleaning fluid, Kilfrost SF20 should be added and circulated.


– For use as a fast acting system sanitiser: 1 litre of SF20 to every 200 litres of system water.

– In systems to be left stagnant for any significant periods of time: 1 Litre SF20 to every 600 Litre of system water.

Contact time

For best results, it is recommended that Kilfrost SF20 is circulated for a minimum of 12-24 hours within systems. As per the user guidelines, the system should first be cleaned of all physical debris before adding SF20. After circulation it is essential that the system is then flushed with potable water to remove any remaining SF20 prior to the installation of a heat transfer fluid or circulating water.

Physical Properties

SF20 Test Kit

Test Kit For Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution

The Kilfrost SF20 Test Kit is an easy-to-use portable field test kit containing the essential test tools to be used by engineers for the correct dosing and monitoring of the SF20 Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution on pre-commissioning ground source and air source heat pump systems.

Testing and monitoring
The SF20 Test Kit can be used to detect existing problems with biological growth and, in combination with the SF20 Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution, prevent future problems associated with biological fouling. The SF20 Test Kit enables the installer to apply and maintain the correct dose of SF20 in both ground and air source heat pumps. The SF20 test kit can also be used to check for biological activity prior to installation of the system heat transfer fluid antifreeze.

If SF20 solution is not dosed correctly or not used at all during pre-commissioning the risk of subsequent biological fouling of the thermal fluid or anti-freeze solution that is added will increase. Such fouling can lead to unpleasant smells and, in the worst cases, loss of system efficiency by thermal fluid degradation, microbial induced corrosion and extensive system damage.

The Kilfrost SF20 Test Kit allows installers to test the following:

Kilfrost offers in depth analysis services. Please contact Kilfrost for more detailed information.

Features and benefits

  • Easy-to-use portable field test kit
  • Determines the level of active Kilfrost SF20 content during pre-commission of heat pumps
  • Determines the level of biological contamination during pre-commissioning of heat pumps and in the thermal fluid / anti-freeze solution

User guidelines
Please read the instructions included in the test kit.

When handling chemicals please refer to the manufacturer’s safety data sheet for detailed information related to health and safety requirements.

The SF20 Test Kit for Heat Pump Sanitiser and Biocide Solution contains:

  • SF20 test strips (10 ea.)
  • Dip slides (5 ea.) – 6 months shelf life
  • Sample bottle
  • Instructions

Case dimensions (cm): H 20.5 x W 24.5 x D 4.5
Weight (gr): 360

Sentinel R700 Sanitizer & Biocide

Improved and better performing R700 Sanitiser & Biocide from Sentinel

The new R700 Sanitiser & Biocide is a more stable better performing non-peroxide biocide giving the installer and end user greater peace of mind. Still supplied in 1 litre bottles and available from stock. The new formulation of R700 is still compatible with the existing R500C & R600 heat transfer fluids.

With the technical improvements Sentinel have made to the R700 a new test kit will be required to test the biocide levels in a system (the old test kit will not work with the new revised formulation of R700). Contact Go Geothermal for more information. Please view the attached PDFs and the attached video for technical and usage information:

  Sentinel R700 New Formulation

  Sentinel R700 Test Kit Instructions

  Sentinel Test Kit Video

Normal boiler systems do not generally need to be sanitised with R700 because they operate at temperatures well above 60C and therefore there is a general pasteurisation effect. However, many biomass boilers do not run on a regular basis or they are so big that the temp in some parts of the system remains low, e.g. underfloor heating.  – If you think this is the case then using R700 to sanitise is a wise precaution… if in doubt add R700!

  • Sanitizer & Biocide
  • Typical fill is 1 litre bottle for 300L (new system)
  • 3 in 1 advantages
    • Pre-treatment steriliser
    • Ideal as a system protector if the collector pipes/vertical probes are to be commissioned at a later date to maintain a sterile environment
    • Can be added to a system where there exists problems caused by the growth of organisms such as bacteria & fungi. Caused typically by the degradation of thermal fluids or blockages in the pipework system causing unpleasant smells and corrosion of heat exchangers & manifolds etc.

Sentinel R800

Sentinel R800 is a clear liquid, unique and specifically designed for use as a highly efficient cleaning and flushing fluid in Ground Source Heat Pump equipment and ground loop circuits.

Glycol-based thermal fluids commonly used in such circuits can degrade over time because of the stresses of cycling temperatures and is often accompanied by bacterial attack.

  • Provides a clean system for refilling with R500 Thermal
    Fluid for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
  • Effective within 1 hour of circulation
  • Supplied as concentrate in 20 litre tubs

  Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide