Limnion U/W Heat Exchanger

We have 2 options for Underwater Heat Exchangers, firstly the Limnion, which is ideal for lakes, rivers and ponds. Secondly, we have the Lima F which is ideal for streaming water.

Limnion – Underwater Heat Exchanger – Ideal for lakes, ponds and rivers

GoGeothermal always search for best in class solutions.  Having exclusive access to Frank GmbH we are excited to be able to offer the new Limnion here in the UK.

Whilst traditional coils and Pond Mats have been used successfully on many projects this new solution answers many of the shortcomings of the traditional solutions.  Particularly on larger builds or in challenging lake/river conditions the issues of silt build up and leak integrity are paramount in the design of the Limnion.

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Heat Exchanger for Lakes and Rivers, can be used for heating and cooling:

  • Alternative to Pond Mats, Ground Source Probes and Horizontal Collector Systems
  • Compact Heat Exchanger Unit for easy installation
  • Extremely Efficient due to optimised flow
  • No uncontrolled PE pipe in lakes and rivers
  • Needs far less space than Pond Mats
  • No encrustation of heat exchanger transfer surface
  • Strong and stable housing for the protection of heat exchanger pipes
  • No corrosion – 100% PE, no metal parts
  • No moving parts
  • Several successful projects across Europe

*Depth required – Minimum 3.5m

 Click here to see a video on the Limnion Lima.


Lima F – Water Heat Exchanger for streaming water

The Lima F water heat exchanger has been designed specifically for heat recovery from streaming water. The compact, highly efficient water heat exchanger extracts the heating energy from the water. It can also be used for passive and active cooling.

The installation can be done with anchoring weights on the bottom of the body of water or on pile constructions, jetties or at the quay.
A version with inlet grid is possible.
The heat exchanger and the protective housing are made of environment-friendly, high-quality polyethylene.


  • Large heat exchanger surface
  • All pipe connections welded
  • Stable protection housing
  • Safe connection to the Heat pump by welding with electrofusion fittings