PE-Xa Probe

pe-xa probeNew: Generation II PE-Xa probe

– Has a roughened outer surface

– Improved connection between probe and grout / backfill material

– 32mm Probe (91mm Probe Tip Diameter) 40mm probe (100mm Probe Tip Diameter)

The Rehau PE-Xa probes, where only the ultimate solution will suffice.  Extremely tough and able to handle temperatures up to 95°C (perfect for excess heat storage such as solar – increasingly required feature of new builds).

Such is the strength and durability of the PE-Xa probes we are able to offer a £10,000 consequential loss per PE-Xa probe installed. Contact us for more details.

Advantages of the Raugeo PE-Xa Probe: 

  • PE-Xa material is not sensitive to notches and grooves
  • Simple insertion even into the tightest boreholes
  • Constant operating temperatures -40°C to 95°C
  • Stable up to temperatures of 95°C, thus the RAUGEO PE-Xa probe can be used for heat storage purposes
  • Extremely tight bending radii
  • Can be connected by Electrofuson fittings or by means of REHAU Everloc joint system.
  • Domestic or Commercial – Heating / Cooling or Ground Energy Storage
  • Crack growth at FNCT (full notch creep test) – NO FAILURE
  • Available in Probe lengths up to a staggering 800m
  • £10,000 consequential loss cover per probe

pe-xa probe