PE100 RC Pipe

Horizontal Collector

Manufactured from Virgin Grade Black PE100 High Performance Polyethylene (EN12201)

GoGeothermal offer a “true” geothermal collector pipe: Collector Coil

  • Pipe manufactured specifically for heat collection
  • Available in coil sizes from 50m to 500 metres
Nominal Size O/D (mm)
SDR Rating
Maximum Operating Pressure Wall Thickness (mm) Approx Weight (kg/m) Lengths Available
25mm 11 16 bar 2.3 0.165 100m
32mm 11 16 bar 2.9 0.274 100m – 200m
40mm 11 16 bar 3.7 0.434 50m – 250m
40mm 17 10 bar
0.282 100m – 400m

PE100 RC Pipe (Resistance to Crack) – 5x Stronger than PE100/PE100+!!

The improved mechanical properties of PE100-RC and the demand for higher quality products has seen many European
countries switch from PE100 to PE100-RC as their ground source pipework of choice.

PE100-RC Pipe, No Sand Required:

Standard PE100, Sand Required:

Used extensively in mainland Europe PE100-RC Collector pipe offers superior impact crack resistance to PE100/PE100+.  This product in most soil conditions negates the use of sand bedding, saving significant material, plant and labour cost.  Conductivity of the sand versus site soil conditions must always be considered in the analysis before opting for non sand bed.

A fundamental and critical component of any efficient performing Ground Source Heat Pump System are the collector pipes where pipe protection and longevity are paramount.

It’s widely accepted in terms of good pipe laying practice that sand should be employed both below and above the pipe to protect from sharps as even PE100 Pipe Material is vulnerable to rapid creep if point load damage occurs.

Sand has become the default position on most installs to act as protection from the variants of “as dug material”.  Whilst reducing the thermal conductivity of the surrounding earth it also adds cost into the job in material and significant labour time.

Go Geothermal Limited can offer you a solution, PE100 RC.  Offering low notch sensitivity and superior resistance to point loading and slow crack growth (SCG), the RC material avoids the potential for pipe tears even when point loads caused by rocks occur.

By utilising this pipe in the correct soil conditions NO sand back fill is required!  This reduces capital outlay and significant labour time and plant on site.

For the additional cost of PE100-RC pipe over our standard PE100 equivalent,
the total installed cost can often be significantly cheaper than standard PE100
backfilled with a sand bedding.

We are pleased to offer this product as yet another step in the improvement of the technical quality of Ground Source materials.

Nominal Size O/D (mm)
SDR Rating
Maximum Operating Pressure Wall Thickness (mm) Approx Weight (kg/m) Lengths Available
32mm 11 16 bar 2.9 0.274 100m – 200m
40mm 11 16 bar 3.7 0.434 100m – 300m

Horizontal Collector / Header Pipes PE-Xa Coils

Advantages PE-Xa collector pipe:

  1. Resistant to puncture loads, notches and grooves – allowing the pipe to be backfilled with excavated material (PE 100 requires a sand bed), therefore reduction of installation time and costs
  2. Better thermal efficiency of excavated material compared to a dry sand bed
  3. Tight bending radii, therefore easier installation as less space is required
  4. High operational reliability of PE-Xa pipe
  5. Minimal pressure losses due to smooth pipe inner surface
  6. Extremely tough and able to handle temperatures up to 95°C

pe100 rc pipepe100 rc pipe