REHAU Coolboard

Chilled ceiling systems offer the opportunity to cool offices, or other occupied spaces, efficiently and effectively.

REHAU CoolBoard consists of a double thickness gypsum board with routed grooves to carry 10mm RAUTHERM S Pe-Xa pipe work. The panels are supplied pre-assembled with the pipe, along with an extensive range of fittings to secure the boards to the suspended ceiling hardware.

Pipe tails from the boards are connected into a manifold system to the supply of the chilled water. The complete system can be supplied using high quality RAUTHERM S Pe-Xa pipework and REHAU EVERLOCTM fittings, ensuring no leaks – ever.

Where high performance cooling is required, special high performance panels are available, with improved themal conductivity properties. Unlike chilled beams and other ceiling systems, REHAU CoolBoard fits seamlessly with standard Gypsum ceiling panels in any suspended ceiling application. Although you may not be able to see the chilled ceiling panels from the standard panels, you will feel their effect.


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