Bespoke Manifolds

Bespoke Manifolds for Public/Commercial Properties

These quality engineered bespoke manifolds come with all the features required as standard on a ground source application along with the quality of finish and approvals expected from Go Geothermal Ltd and Frank GmbH.

Please give us a call with your requirements.

  • “Submarine” shaped manifold chambers manufactured from large diameter PE pipe (e.g 2.4m diameter as per picture)
  • Easy connection of a huge amount of circuits (e.g. 400 circuits as per above picture)
  • Up to 40 Tonne loading possible.

Bespoke Manifolds, we can meet any requirement:


18 Way Flow / Return fabricated manifold

One of our bespoke manifolds (125mm Body, 40mm Collectors, 110mm Header Pipe) being installed for 120kw ground source heat pump system in North Nottinghamshire.