Vertical Thermpipe – VTP

Ideal in cases of a high water table.

The efficiently smart solution for extracting heat at restricted drilling depth.

Easy installation by using hollow auger drill or conventional drilling auger with a protection pipe.vertical thermpipe

  • Ideal for restricted drilling depth
  • Ideal for areas with groundwater flow
  • High degree of heat extraction (2.5kw from 6m stick outer-5cbm flow per day)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ready to use for direct installation
  • Defined pipe distance of brine pipe
  • Pipe connections using Electrofusion couplers
  • Written approval on pressure test
  • Standard lengths of 6 m and 12 m, other dimensions on request
  • No drilling rig required.
  • Can be extended to a water well
  • Can be used as drainage for rainwater

thermpipe table