Jaga Radiators

The Jaga DBE Radiator gives up to 300% higher heating output

Maximum Efficiency with Low Water Temperature Systems (i.e. Heat Pumps).
Heat pumps, solar energy systems and condensing boilers require much larger radiators because they operate best with a much lower water temperature.

The unique combination of the copper-aluminium heat exchanger – standard in every Low-H20 radiator – and the powerful DBE technology that has been specially developed for these very low water temperatures, gives up to 3 times more heat output than a conventional radiator with the same dimensions.



Due to their high mass, traditional radiators and underfloor heating need a Lot of energy just to warm themselves up.  Only when they have heated up sufficiently themselves do they begin to emit heat.  Jaga Low-H20 heat exchangers with DBE, limit this warm-up time to an absolute minimum.  The heating time is much shorter making heat delivery fast and more efficient.  This means that the night-time reduction periods can be extended, saving money and energy.


Is the room approaching the desired temperature?  Is the sun suddenly shining in?  Traditional radiators stubbornly keep on heating the room, wasting energy. A DBE will react much more quickly, and automatically reduce the he output at the right time. This means that the comfort temperature is under better control.


The better temperature control and the shorter operating periods result in significant energy savings*, making your heating system much more economical.  With DBE you can also easily switch to any new, environmentally friendly Iow water temperature system. It’s a matter of preparing for the future!