Underfloor Heating / UFH

Utilising the latest software Go Geothermal can now offer a 24hr – 48hr turnaround on Underfloor project enquiries. Full AutoCAD* design service, Commissioning Details, Zone Requirements plus all electrical documents and schematics – Free of Charge upon receipt of order. *DWG format plans must be provided.

Benefits of the system include:

  • PERT, PE-X and MLCP Pipe systems available upon request
  • Various pipe sizes ranging from 11mm up to 20mm diameter
  • 10 Year Consequential Warranty
  • Long Life – pressure stability across the temperature range gives a projected pipe life well in excess of 50 years (in accordance with BS7291)
  • MLCP pipe pressure rating of 10 bar at 95ºC for 50 years (in accordance with BS 7291)
  • Low frictional resistance through pipe and fittings results in low noise transition
  • WRC listed under the water fittings and bylaws scheme



  • A full range of 12v or 240v, both wired and wireless control options available.
  • Ranging from dial to more advanced digital thermostats to suit customers’ requirements.
  • Controls with internet accessibility available.


Floor Constructions:

  • Screed floors – Clip Rails or Tacker Staples
  • Timber Suspended Floors – Heat Plates or Screed Infill
  • Overlay Systems – Ideal for refurbs of existing buildings


Raufix Rail System – The perfect solution for Underfloor Heating

  • For use with Rehau Universal pipes 16×1.5mm & 20 x 1.9mm
  • For typical heating outputs of up to 100W/m²
  • For typical water flow temperatures between 35°C – 50°C

Clip rails are easily secured on to any solid insulation with the use of the barbs and a Poly Membrane supplied, the UF piping is then simply clipped into the rails at the required spacing. A screed floor of ideally 45-55mm is poured directly onto the pipe to create a solid thermal mass.



Many items from stock such as Rehau Universal Underfloor Heating Pipe and associated fittings such as the leak proof Everloc fitting.

For Heat Emitters/Low Energy Radiators please see here.


An extensive range of fittings is available to cover all applications. These include copper adapters, male/female threaded fittings, tees and elbows.

Distribution manifolds, stainless steel radiator tails and accessories make up the package.

The superbly engineered DZR brass compression sleeve fittings are designed especially for the purpose, enabling joints to be assembled in seconds, with all fittings utilising the same method of cold jointing.

The Rehau Everloc joint has been proven since the 1980’s installed all over the world it has many advantages;

  • Leak Proof
  • Scale resistant
  • Flame free installation
  • Speed of installation.
  • Over half billion joints already installed.
  • Simple tooling makes jointing simple and lends itself to poor weather conditions.
  • No bore reduction at joint
  • Can be used on internal and external PEXA joints(versatile)
  • Typical joint time 32mm and below (23 seconds)
  • Takes advantage of the memory of PEXA pipe to enhance strength.

Available up to and including 40mm from our logistics centre.

  Rehau Everloc Brochure

Thermal Imaging Cameras

We offer a range of Thermal Imaging Cameras which are particularly helpful in identifying
radiator cold spots, UFH leaks and insulation faults.

Our most popular model is the superb Testo 875-1i Thermal Imaging Camera:

A high quality Thermal Imaging Camera – now at an even more attractive price. This model meets with the minimum specification to successfully conduct thermal inspections of various HVAC applications:
  • 160×120 pixel resolution to provide quality Thermal Images
  • Wide field of view – 32° with a standard lens
  • Thermal Sensitivity of NETD <50mK to show even the smallest temperature differences
  • Manual control of scale to adjust Span and Level settings
  • Extended measuring range of -20 to +350°C.
  • Manual Fine Focus with a minimum focus distance of just 10cm.
  • A built-in digital camera leads to easier analysis and allocation of the thermal images to the measuring object
  • Built-in laser point can be shown on the measuring object for easy orientation
For more info on the 875-1i Thermal Imaging Camera please click here.