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If you are looking for an efficient and green way to heat your home or business, then the CTC range of air source heat pumps are the perfect choice. With a proven track record for reliability and performance the CTC range of heat pumps is a great addition to our heat pump portfolio.

From new-build homes to residential properties that are off the mains grid, CTC air source heat pumps are some of the most advanced and energy efficient on the market boasting Coefficient of Performance (COP) ratings of over 5.

With A+++ energy ratings, the CTC range of air source heat pumps deliver best in class efficiency and can heat your home and your water while delivering up to 85% savings compared with traditional forms of heating.

Stiebel Eltron 


The inverter-driven air to water heat pump design offers many benefits for both new build and modernisation projects. As an outdoor installation, the appliance requires minimal space indoors and can be sited even in densely built-up areas, due to exceptionally quiet operation. Thanks to the high quality of the individual parts, these models reach an output level that enables flow temperatures of up to + 65 °C to be achieved. Quick installation is ensured by the hydraulic connection and straightforward connection concept. In short, this is an appliance designed to provide an outstanding level of convenience all round. Furthermore, the heat pumps can be combined with a variety of DHW cylinders and buffer tanks. Available from 4kW to 13kW.

Stiebel Eltron GSHPs and ASHPs both come with a seven year warranty as standard.


aroTHERM is Vaillant’s second generation air-to-water heat pump range, developed in line with the exacting standards and precision engineering you would expect when you choose Vaillant. The pump harnesses naturally renewable resources, so it saves money on your fuel bills and reduces your carbon footprint. Available from 5kW to 15kW.

Vaillant GSHPs and ASHPs both come with seven year parts and labour warranty.

IVT (Bosch)


The IVT AirX is a whole new generation of air source heat pump which sets new standards in terms of efficiency levels and noise abatement. Behind the impressive performance, there are several clever innovations along with five new registered patents. The IVT inverter-driven AirX automatically adjusts heat production for your home’s heating demand. When the house needs more heat, the compressor works harder to account for this and vice versa, increasing your savings. The heat pump has a patented defrost cycle in that the fan speed is controlled, and the defrosting – compared to a conventional air source heat pump – works much more efficiently and with less energy consumption. Available from 6kW to 17kW.

Using the IVT Anywhere app, homeowners can monitor the system in real-time and make adjustments to heating or DHW as well diagnose faults.

IVT GSHPs and ASHPs come with a five year warranty as stand and can be extended up to fifteen years.




The most installed ASHP in the UK to date, part produced in the UK. With a wide range of pre-plumbed cylinders (using plate heat exchangers) and 5th generation controller, simplicity of installation is key to their success. The built-in electrical meter allows easy conformity with MCS. All external units comply with permitted development rights so in most cases there is no planning requirement. Available in 5 to 14kW outputs.

Mitsubishi Ecodan’s come with a three year warranty as standard.






The new Vitocal 100-A air/water heat pumps cover most applications in new build and modernisation projects. With outputs between 6 and 16 kW, the specifications for convenient heat supply and domestic hot water preparation can be met. The units, which are designed exclusively for outdoor installation, contain all the components and are quick and easy to install. By using the environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, the installer does not need a refrigerant certificate.



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High Temp Heat Pump



Integral cylinder for heat pump operation for DHW heating.

Low standby losses due to high grade thermal insulation.

For use in detached houses.

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