Quad Pipe

Quad Pipe

Hyper flexible, pre-insulated piping system, combining two heating pipes and two sanitary pipes in the same jacket pipe, primarily intended for the transport of heating water and sanitary hot water in buried distribution network connecting the heat source with its points-of-use.

The medium pipes are made from cross-linked polyethylene PE-Xa with an orange coloured oxygen-diffusion barrier for the heating flow line and a blue coloured one for the heating return, the sanitary circulation lines are whitish.

The multilayer thermal insulation is made from cross-linked, microcellular polyethylene PE-X foam with a water-repellent closed cell structure, characterized by its durable, non-ageing insulation performance, and its permanent elasticity, maximizing and maintaining the thickness of the insulation layer, even after bending multiple times.

The high-grade, black coloured UV-resistant, double walled, corrugated HDPE jacket pipe shields the pre-insulated piping system against mechanical impacts and moisture, whilst maintaining maximum flexibility.

 Jacket pipeMedium pipeBending radiusWater contentHeating capacity
Art. No.dout [mm]dout x s [mm]din [mm][m](1)Heating [l/m]Sanitary [l/m][kW](2)m/s
Q160H32S3225160(2x) 32 x 2.9
32 x 4.4
25 x 3.5
2 x 26.2
0.601.0780.67730 - 600.6 - 1.3
  • Heating medium pipes: PE-Xa/SDR 11/PN 6
  • EVOH Oxygen barrier in accordance with ISO 17455
  • Sanitary medium pipes: PE-Xa/SDR 7.4/PN 10
  • Continuous operating temperature: 80°C
  • Max. operating temperature: 95°C
  • PE-X insulation foam: < 1% water absorption in accordance with ISO 2896
  • Lengths cut to order, all dimensions: 100 m
  • CFC-free production process
  • Delivery 1 to 2 days
PE-X terminal connector
Art. No.[inch]
HC25/0.75M¾" M
SC25/0.75M¾" M
SC20/0.75M¾" M
HC32/1M1" M
SC25/0.75M¾" M
SC20/0.75M¾" M
HC32/1M1" M
SC32/1M1" M
SC25/0.75M¾" M
HC40/1.25M1 ¼" M
SC40/1.25M1 ¼" M
SC32/1M1" M
Dust end cap
Art. No.

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