VARIO Probes by HakaGerodur


The newly developed GEROtherm® VARIO geothermal probe can be supplied  for drilling depths of up to 250 metres. It combines the positive properties of the well-known standard geothermal probe (material, outer diameter of the pipe, transport size, installation accessories) yet also offers greater energy efficiency.

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The optimised and patented GEROtherm® VARIO geothermal probe is an enhancement of the PN16 or PN20 probe. It offers major benefits over these two solutions:
· The hydraulic pressure drop is significantly lower than with the existing geothermal probe.
· Internal pressure resistance is guaranteed in the lower section of the drill hole.
These benefits are achieved by production of a conical geothermal probe pipe – with a reinforced wall thickness in the lower section of the geothermal probe.

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The GEROtherm® VARIO 100 – 160 metre probe meets the internal pressure resistance requirements. It can withstand up to 16 bar depending on the depth. The buckling pressure resistance in the lower section corresponds to that of a PN16 geothermal probe, while the load limit in the upper section is correspondingly adapted to use. GEROtherm® VARIO geothermal probes, which are adapted to the respective depths, respond to the latest trends in the use of geothermal energy. The quality products provide a high level of safety and offer enhanced energy efficiency. Handling and installation of the products remain unchanged and correspondingly straightforward.